To Our CNC Router Parts Customers:

CNC Router Parts Machines are a great fit for the S30 spindle.  Just like the rest of your CNC Router Parts build, there are some challenges to installing an automatic tool change spindle on your machine, however, we are actively working on solutions that will make that challenge much easier.

We currently have an arrangement with CNC Router Parts that allows us to modify the CNCRP spindle control box to allow for ATC functionality.  Simply put, you will need to order whatever machine configuration you desire from CNC Router Parts, and then you can order the S30 spindle kit here at CNC Depot, along with a CNCRP "ATC Ready" Spindle control box.  When you order this last item, we will order a standard CNCRP spindle control box on your behalf, and have it shipped directly to us.  We will then modify that box to add the ATC functionality, and then test with your exact spindle, and ship the entire package to you.  The rest of your machine kit will still come from CNCRP.


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Here is what you need to order from CNC Router Parts

  1. Your machine kit in whichever size you prefer.  If you can mount the GMT spindle on that kit, you can mount the S30 on that machine as well.

  2. You preferred machine control electronics, NEMA 23 or 34.  NOT the spindle kit.

  3. GMT Spindle Tramming Mount

  4. Inductive Prox Switches

  5. **The Auto Z switch is also highly recommended, but not required**