The FM Series Spindle is the front mount version of our 3hp ISO30 ATC spindle.


It features the same heavy duty construction as the S series spindles, now in a "front-mount" format.  In some applications this mounting format allows for easy attachment to your machine.  The FM series also weighs in at 23.5lbs, 3lbs lighter than the S series.


Package Includes:

  • Your choice of FM series spindle
  • Choose a VFD: NES1 or WJ200
  • Choose a number of tool stations.  Each tool station includes one ISO30 ER32 toolholder, one ER32 Collet, and one ISO30 Tool Fork
  • Choose a cable length




The FM series comes in 3 variations:


FM30: 3hp ISO30 220V 18,000rpm Steel Bearings

FM30C: 3hp ISO30 220V 24,000rpm Ceramic Bearings

FM30F: 3hp ISO30 220V 12,000rpm Steel Bearings (4-pole motor, for higher torque at lower rpm*)


*For applcations requiring higher low end torque, it is recommended to pair the FM series with the Hitachi WJ200 VFD.  This sensorless vector VFD provides much more robust low end rpm performance.

FM Series Spindle Packages