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The S Series is our standard version 3hp ISO30 ATC spindle.


Package Includes:

  • Your choice of S series spindle
  • Choose a VFD: NES1 or WJ200
  • Choose a number of tool stations.  Each tool station includes one ISO30 ER32 toolholder, one ER32 Collet, and one ISO30 Tool Fork
  • Choose a cable length



  • Dual ABEC7  (P4+) High Precision Angular Contact Bearings (Made in Germany)
  • Passive cooling (Oversized motor windings require no active cooling)
  • Tool drawbar operates on standard 100psi shop pressure (clean, dry air source required)
  • Maintenance free, permanently-sealed and greased bearings
  • Standard ISO30 Tool Taper with "HSD Type" pullstud
  • 26lbs



The S series comes in 3 variations:


S30: 3hp ISO30 220V 18,000rpm Steel Bearings

S30C: 3hp ISO30 220V 24,000rpm Ceramic Bearings

S30F: 3hp ISO30 220V 12,000rpm Steel Bearings (4-pole motor, for higher torque at lower rpm*)


*For applcations requiring higher low end torque, it is recommended to pair the S series with the Hitachi WJ200 VFD.  This sensorless vector VFD provides much more robust low end rpm performance.

S Series Spindle Packages

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