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The S series turnkey AVID CNC package is the simplest option that we offer for setting up automatic tool change on your AVID/CNC Router Parts Machine.


This package includes a genuine AVID CNC spindle control box.  This control box is shipped to us, and we modify it to add the penumatic components that allow the AVID CNC Machine to control the spindle drawbar for tool change.  This control box includes the spindle cable set, as well as the 14-pin cable to run from the NEMA 23 or NEMA 34 main control box.


This package includes:

  • Your choice of S series spindle, the S30 (18,000rpm) or the S30C (24,000rpm)
  • Choose the number of tool stations that you would like for your machine.  Each station includes 1 toolholder, 1 tool fork, and 1 collet
  • Genuine AVID CNC Spindle control box (Modified by CNC Depot to add the pneumatic components for controlling the spindle drawbar)
  • 100ft of tubing


What else is required for ATC functionality on an AVID machine:

  • Spindle mount:
    • This mount also matches the bolt pattern on the S series ATC spindle.
  • Proximity Home Swtiches:
    • Home switches are vital to ATC functionality
  • You will need to fabricate your own tool rack.  While this kit includes the tool forks, they will need to be mounted within the travel envelope of your machine so that the machine can load and unload the tool rack.
  • Compressor: You will need a standard shop air compressor capable of 100psi output at 5-6cfm (1-2cfm if no case pressure is used).  The air supplied to the spindle should be clean and dry.  Different regions will require different air preparation, but a 5 micron filter is recommended at minimum.  It is critical that the air pressure supplied to the machine is not compromised by use of other tools, etc.


Wondering how to install this package on an AVID system?  See our setup guide and macro template HERE.

S30 Turnkey Package for AVID CNC Machines

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