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Our focus is the engineering of automated machinery and components for the purpose of breaking down the barriers that individuals and small manufacturers face when competing in a global marketplace.


We believe that making automation technologies available to individuals and small manufacturers, without the incredible capital investments traditionally required, will allow these creators to not only survive, but to thrive. We strongly feel that all individuals have extrordinary ideas and talents. Our hope is that by making automation technology more readly available, these individuals will then have the tools to bring their ideas to life. 

Made in America

We are proud to operate in the global marketplace and take pride in selling American made products. We are located just outside of Nashville, TN. Small business is the backbone of America and we are committed to supporting it.

Our Friends

We partner with several companies that we believe are leading players in this industry.  We are humbled to be an approved distributor and a partner to these companies. For more information about these products and how we can help you implement them into your business please do not heitate to contact us.

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