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Turnkey Packages (Includes tooling, VFD, Cables)

Please refer to the standalone product pages for model specifications.

Below you will find our spindles paired with a core tooling package, and a pre-built and configured spindle control box.  These packages are engineered in house, to provide the most versatile ATC functionality possible in such an affordable package.

Spindles and Tooling Only (No VFD)

The RM Series spindles also includes an additional fan power cable, and that needs to be connected as shown HERE.

What other items will you need?

Tool Rack

Because of the modular nature of various CNC platforms, we do not offer ready made tool racks. However, our packages do include tool forks, which are ready to mount to your own linear tool rack to complete your ATC setup.

If you'd rather not make your own tool rack, here is a good option for a pre-built tool rack base.  You can bolt this base to your machine and attach the tool forks from your spindle package directly to it.

ATC Tool Racks

Many users of our spindles will install the spindle and operate it as a "quick change" spindle, before setting up the machine for full automatic tool change functionality.  This is popular option, because you can drastically reduce the time required for tool changes without the immediate need to invest the time to set up the full ATC system.  The Mach 4 screenset, included in the installation file here, adds a drawbar control button to the Mach 4 screen so you can easily control the drawbar from Mach 4

Air Compressor

You will need a clean, dry air source for case pressure and drawbar operation of the ATC spindle.  A minimum of 90psi is required to open the spindle drawbar, however we recommend setting your pressure regulator to 100-110psi. The higher pressure setting helps to overcome any pressure loss in the supply line, ensuring reliable tool release.

Minimum air supply is 2-3 cfm @ 100psi.

Case pressure accepts 30-110psi air pressure, so you can either run it on the same source as your drawbar supply, or regulate case pressure separately to reduce overall air consumption of the system.  Case pressure is not required for all applications.  It is especially useful when cutting very abrasive materials that produce small, light particles that tend to float in the air.  Graphite, composites and MDF are good examples.  Case pressure is required if you are running any sort of coolant (flood or mist) for your cutting application.

When case pressure is used, the spindle consumes approximately 2scfm of air at 100psi constantly, so a compressor with a large storage reservoir and/or flow capability of 2-3x that amount is recommended.  This will help reduce the duty cycle requirement for your compressor.


Here are some videos of customer machines that utilize our ATC spindles.

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