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Current Lead Time: 6-7 weeks


Need a truly powerful ATC spindle option, but only have 120VAC input power?


We are now offering this incredible package built around our brand new RM15 spindle.  With the RM15 spindle, you still get an incredible amount of cutting power, even when you only have 120VAC (20A) input power available.  Of course, the full ISO30 ATC interface provides fantastic tooling options for all of your applications.


Our spindle control boxes include some great features for adding productive ATC capability to your machine:

  • A high quality sensorless vector VFD (from brands like Delta, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, etc)
  • 2x relay controlled (5vdc tolerant) pneumatic solenoids, with bulkhead fittings on the control box
  • Full time air pressure monitoring with VFD fault to ensure you have the proper air pressure available for tool changes.
  • 14-pin signal bulkhead connector -- This box is turnkey compatible with most AVID CNC control boxes*
  • Prewired spindle cable (specify length) is included.


This package includes the following:

  • 1x Turnkey Spindle Control Box (Specify Cable Length)
  • 1x RM15 Spindle ATC Spindle (Choose RM15 or RM15C)
  • 4x ISO30 Tool Stations Included with each station:
    • 1x ISO30 ER32 Tool Holders
    • 1x ER32 Collets (Sizes included 1ea - 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2")
    • 1x ISO30 Delrin Tool Fork
  • 1x ISO30 Tool tightening fixture (with ER32 collet wrench)


This base package includes 4 tool stations. You can add more to this package by adding individual tool stations to your cart in whatever quantity you would like by going HERE.




*AVID CNC control boxes do not have native connection for solenoid control.  Additional wiring and instructions are included to make these connections in their motion control box.


1.5hp RM15 Turnkey ATC Spindle Package - 4 Tool Stations

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