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Current Lead Time: 4-5 weeks


Our RM15 ATC spindle is the perfect addition for smaller CNC machines or, shops with limited power availability. Powered by an oversized 1.5hp motor, it features an ISO30 tool taper and a lightweight compact design. The spindle features oversize ABEC-7 dual angular contact bearings for superior stability and performance, the integrated 24v cooling fan ensures consistent operation and long life.


  • Oversize 1.5hp 220V High Speed Induction Motor
  • 5amp motor
  • Max Operating Speeds:
    • RM15 - 18,000rpm (300hz)
    • RM15C - 24,000rpm (400hz)
  • Large ISO30 tool taper
  • 24vdc Electric Cooling Fan
  • Oversize P4+ dual angular contact bearings in nose
    • Bearings are lifetime sealed and greased with no maintenance required.
    • GMN Brand - Manufactured in Germany
  • Lightweight at only 19lbs


Like our other models, the RM15 is manufactured right here in Tennessee, USA!


Why a 1.5hp spindle?


First off, this is not your typical 1.5hp rated spindle.  All of our motors use oversize winding and components to ensure true rated power output with lasting durability.  1.5hp true output to our spindles from a VFD is far more power than would ever be possible with higher peak rated handheld routers, and even some import style spindles.  This motor is continuous rated for 5.5amps input at 220v (1210 watts = 1.62hp), and will have no issues with intermittent over drive of the 150% output power that most VFDs can output by default!


We decided to offer the 1.5hp variant in the RM series so that we could offer a new exciting capability to our lineup. Pair your RM15 spindle with our turnkey ATC spindle drive package, and you can get incredible spindle cutting performance with full ATC functionality with only 120VAC input power!



RM15 Standalone Spindle

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